Is Sitting Really the New Smoking?

by Kristen Page BChiroSc. MChiroprac   It’s a bit of a bold statement but it did get your attention. So… is sitting really killing us? There is no doubt that sitting has become routine in today’s society. On average Australian’s

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Get to know your Pain Neuromatrix

For a long time, we have viewed pain as a sign of injury or damaged tissue and have relied on models that are largely based on basic anatomy and physiology. These have been at best, simplistic cause and effect mechanisms

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Tips For Troublesome Tendons

Pain arising from a tendon is common especially in the sporting population. Although we are understanding more and more about the injury process and subsequent healing, they can still remain a challenge to treat. They are slow to heal, and

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Evidence Based Practice: What does it mean and why is it important?

I use the term “evidence based” a lot when talking to both doctors and patients in an attempt to make a representation on what I am about and where I fit in, in the health system. However sometimes I find,

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Four Myths About Pain And Aging

Below is a great little list of some common myths about pain and aging. It’s taken from the great work done by David Butler and Lorimer Mosely from the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute.   Myth 1:  Pain is inevitable with ageing. Contrary

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Safe, Effective and Evidence Based

Our aim is to create healthy generations through safe, effective and evidence based chiropractic care. Our practice is based out of the Mount Coolum Medical Centre, which is located right off the David Low Way on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

We are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of functional conditions of the spine and nervous system. By understanding that movement and function of our joints, particularly in the spine affect our health, we can support tissue injury and repair, look deeper into why an injury may have occurred in the first place and prevent chronicity and recurrence. We are committed to providing a comprehensive diagnosis, logical explanations and individual treatment options.

There are over 215,000 consultations to Australian chiropractors each week. Through their extensive five-year university training, chiropractors are uniquely positioned to help Australians lead healthy lifestyles.

Common Reasons to Seek Chiropractic Care

  • Back pain and neck pain
  • Sciatica and referred pain
  • Neurological symptoms including pins and needles, numbness and weakness
  • Disc injuries
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness and balance issues
  • Sports injuries
  • Work related injuries
  • Chronic musculoskeletal pain
  • Chiropractic care for children is modified to suit their needs