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Forget everything you have ever heard about chiropractic.

Modern chiropractic is a neurologically based intervention designed to provide the brain with better sensory information so it can activate more efficient movement patterns. The joints and muscles of the spine are highly innervated structures - which means they are packed with receptors that sense movement. If the joints are not moving correctly, either not enough (hypo-mobility) or too much (hyper-mobility), sensory feedback is altered and the brain has a hard time understanding where you are in space. If this internal awareness is inaccurate or just isn’t being recognised, then it can’t carry out movement with the pinpoint precision its needs to prevent injury. This injury may initially be only very minor, but over time can accumulate and cause problems like degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, joint and muscle sprains and other painful syndromes like sciatica.

Troublesome symptoms that occur from often very simple tasks like bending over to tie a shoelace, or picking up your child occur from loss of spinal control rather than any loss of core muscle strength. Spinal control is the precise moment by moment regulation of joint integrity that is done unconsciously and relies on sensing body position in space and matching it to our environment. This is a very complex task and relys on many different body systems. By assessing different components of this system and improving various aspects of it through treatment and exercises we are able to deal with movement and respond to our environment better. Essentially, clear up and strengthen communication between the brain, the body and the environment, leading to better function and intern less accidents.

Clinic Hours

Monday: 10am - 5pm (Mt Coolum)
Tuesday: 8am - 5pm (Mt Coolum)
Wednesday: 8am - 5pm (Mt Coolum)
Thursday: 10am - 6pm (Nambour)
Friday: 8am - 5pm (Mt Coolum)

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General Information
Allow up to an hour for your initial consultation. We also ask if new patients can arrive 10 minutes before there appointment time to fill in a initial intake form. Follow up appointments allow 30 minutes.

Although you do not need a referral, chiropractic is available for referral via Medicare EPC program, DVA and Work-cover. Private health funds cover chiropractic under extras cover and we have HICAPS facilities for automatic rebates.